The general wards of holy family hospital houses both medical and surgical wards.  It was established in 1988 to handle the emergency and chronic medical and general surgery conditions in Zombo district, neighbouring districts and the neighbouring DRC. We attend to male and female patients above 12 years.
The general wards are operational 24hours a day, with a committed team of a medical officer, 13 nurses, one clinical officer and other auxiliary staff that are always ready to provide the much needed services.

It has a bed capacity of 96, with annual admission of 1500 patients on average.

Units in general ward

  1. Medicine wards - Male medicine ward and Female medicine ward
  2. Surgery wards - Male Surgical ward and Female Surgical Ward
  3. Private ward
  4. TB/Isolation Ward.

 Services offered at Medicine ward

  1. Management of infectious diseases: HIV and TB, pneumonia, STDs, malaria, gastroenteritis, meningitis among others.
  2. Management of non communicable diseases: Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, cardiac failure, liver cirrhosis among others.
  3. Counseling and psychosocial support.

Surgical ward offers Elective and emergency general surgery care

  1. Herniorrhaphy and herniotomy
  2. Soft tissue excision
  3. Exploratory laparotomy
  4. Foreign body removal
  5. Closed reduction and cast application
  6. Amputation

December 2017 statistics
Admissions: 107          ALOS:4.5        Bed occupancy rate: 47%
Nursing officer incharge
Kafero Ibrahim

Medical Officer In-charge

Dr Omara Jammy
MBChB GUM 2015