The hospital together with implementing partners has continued to provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS care. The clinic was established in 1995 and has grown into   comprehensive treatment centre.  The main beneficiaries are the poor women and children living with HIV, their families and the communities of Zombo and the neighbouring districts With HIV prevalence of 4.7% among adults of population of 250,000 people. Nyapea hospital HIV/AIDS clinic has an overall objective providing with passion, holistic facility and Home-Based quality care services to HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons that delight them, their families and communities.

Through this strategy, and support with various community linkages; over 10,600 patients and their families have been served since inception. The clinic has a total of 1,227(over 56 adolescents) clients on anti-retroviral drugs. Because of the uniqueness of the adolescence the hospital has established a special adolescence clinic that runs every Friday.
Human resource capacity
The clinic is run by one medical officer who also doubles as the coordinator of the entire project activities with the clinic; two clinical officers, 4 nurses, 6 midwives, 4 counselors and 30 expert clients.
Services offered at the clinic
1.HIV/AIDS treatment
3.Out Patient
4.Home Visiting
5. Laboratory
6.Psycho social support

Units is run under the following sections
  1. Administration section
  2. Medical section
  3. M&E / Data section
  4. Psycho-social section
  5. Nursing section
  6. Counseling section
  7. Laboratory section
  8. Pharmacy section
  9. Community Volunteers’ section

Dr. Owiny Moses

Nursing incharge
Ngamita Jennifer Upolwun