The Outpatients Department (OPD) is the entry point to the hospital as regards patient reception. The department at the moment houses the mini emergency unit where the critically ill patients are attended to before they are admitted to the inpatient departments, transferred or referred to other health facilities. The hospital is looking forward to constructing a new emergency department that will be expected to all handled emergencies in OPD before transfer to ward or to deal with those patients that do not need critical care or hospital admission.

At the moment, the department functions on a 24 hour basis including weekends and public holidays, however, it is anticipated that when the emergency department becomes operational the OPD will be open from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

There are various specialized clinics in the hospital that operate on an outpatient basis and are also part of the OPD; however, they are directly supervised by the specific major hospital departments. Patients attending these specialized clinics are referred from the OPD; others are directly referred from other health facilities and others for follow up. These clinics operate from 8.00am to 5.00pm only on working days.

The OPD / Emergency department is headed by a senior clinical officer who reports to the Medical Director. The nursing in charge (reports to the Senior Nursing Officer) is responsible for the day to day running of the department.


The staff at the OPD are recruited and accordingly deployed to the department by the Hospital Management Team. The number of staff in the department is not constant. There is 1 doctor, 4 clinical officers and 8 nurses who run the department. However there are Doctors who routinely come from in-patient departments to run special clinics

Every staff deployed into the department reports to the Head of Department and In-charge before assumption of his / her duties. The staff is taken through the induction process that also includes a familiarization tour of the department; formal introduction to members in the department is done during a departmental meeting.


 Rev. Sr. Monu Agnes