Holy Family Hospital Nyapea has a long history in children’s services. The department’s aim is to provide an excellent, safe and affordable service that is children friendly and family oriented. 
 The paediatric department is composed of three sections;
  1. Nutrition unit
  2. High dependent unit
  3. General in-patients unit (for children from 1 month -12 years)

 The department has a total bed capacity of close to 60 beds.


The unit is run by 1 Medical officer,1 clinical Officer 12 nurses and 7 auxillary staff that provide excellent all around care.   

This team engages in the following activities on a daily basis:-

  1. Daily Doctor’s review of patients on from wards
  2. Patients and attendants health education
  3. Timely provision of treatments
  4. It also run special clinics like Premature babies clinic, Chronic conditions clinic e.g. Epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, Sickle Cell Clinic and Paediatric Diabetes Clinic


Dr. Imelda Kawambe

Nursing incharge

Nurse Samuel